Sowing Seeds Organic Gardening Course

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Self-paced course teaching you Organic gardening from Expert gardener and soil scientist, Rachel Strivelli.

This gardening course includes 5 Modules: everything from planning to prep to planting.

I learned organic gardening piece by piece from books, working alongside farmers and going to grad school for sustainable agriculture. Learn from my mistakes and get the framework of how to understand organic gardening starting with the basics, from the soil up!

This comprehensive video series shares with you everything you need to get started and covers the following:

  • How to prepare your soil
  • How to plan for yearlong success
  • Plant spacing
  • How to transplant plants
  • What are the essential parts of a healthy, organic garden?
  • What type of garden structures are healthy for good soil?
  • What are pollinators and why do I need to know?
  • Seed starting basics
  • Companion planting and plant nutrient needs,
  • And more.

I've taught numerous workshops and worked 1-to-1 with farmers and home gardeners to help bring all of this step-by-step information to you.

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You'll get 5 video modules to take you through everything from planning your first garden to planting your first plants.


Sowing Seeds Organic Gardening Course

0 ratings
I want this!